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Acer Tree Surgeons pride themselves in their versitility as a team of tree surgery experts and can cover a wide variety of projects and specialist tasks, with regards to tree maintenance and woodland safety. This procedure in Malmesbury was a routine tree removal job, but with a large ash tree close to the property, safety and precision control were key…

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Following on from the planning stages of the project – whereby Nick visited the client and discussed in detail the specifics of what the tree removal would entail – the team arrived fully laiden with all the necessary equipment and safety requirements.

The initial requirement was that Lewis needed to get high up into the canopy in order to cut the tree in safe and manageable sections. So, like a rock-climber on a narrow and rounded cliff-face, Lewis and Adam P carefully negotiated the ascent, with the chainsaw following him up subsequently.
Once Lewis had cut the canopy of the tree leaving a straight stem, then the main trunk of the ash could be felled. Sections of the canopy were accurately lowered in a controlled fashion into a designated target area.
Meanwhile, down below in the client’s garden the team carefully collected Lewis’ handiwork with the chainsaw, paying particular attention to avoid any delicate or fragile aspects of the client’s property, all highlighted in Nick’s risk assesment report.
The controlled descent of the tree’s canopy is a significant aspect of the felling project. The remaining team members focused on the importance of the direction with which the tree would fall; coordinating with Adam’s sawing to ensure the heavy trunk dropped in a safe direction designated prior to the project’s commencement. The process is technically termed, ‘assisted felling’.

Assisted Felling

Assisted Felling – Strategic tree removal to a designated location using specialist equipment with particular regard to safety and personal / public property
Roy ‘filleted’ the tree trunk into smaller cross-sections for easy manoeverability. While Dan operated the chipper to turn the smaller branches into sawdust and mulch.
And once the garden was blown clear of the sawdust and all the little bits and pieces were successfully put through the chipper, the Acer team enjoyed a well-deserved ‘quencher’ with the client, and headed back to the yard to prepare for the next task ahead…

Job's A Good un!

With The Job All Done & Dusted The Acer Team Enjoy A Glass of Cordial With The Client And Head Back To The Yard…