The Team

Meet The Team

Nick Cranston

Managing Director

Based: Westbury HQ

Qualifications: Arboriculture Technicians Certificate: Merit / National Certificate (City & Guilds) Arboriculture

Specialist Skills: Client Liaisons / Project Consultation / Business Management

Home Town: Chapmanslade

Favourite Tree (and why): Beech – Beautiful, majestic, strong and great autumn colours

Favourite Acer Moment: Has to be establishing the Malmesbury HQ – very exciting!

Based: Malmesbury HQ

Qualifications & Specialist Skills: Arboricultural Association (Pro Member) / FDSC Arboriculture / ND Arboriculture, Technical Arboriculture & Rigging / NPTC

Home Town: Malmesbury

Favourite Tree (and why): Blackthorn & Pyracantha – I love thorns!

Favourite Acer Moment: A bolt of lightning had rendered a very large (130ft), and very old oak – at St Katherine’s School, Marlborough – unsafe. Cranes, chains, the lot… Fantastic! [Click for my YouTube video]

Adam Roberts

Senior Arborist and Acer Director

Roy Derham

Operations Manager

Based: Westbury HQ

Qualifications & Specialist Skills: Client Liaisons / Scheduling / Project Management / Logistics …Basically ‘the details’! Oh and a pretty bloody good tree surgeon too!

Home Town: Devizes

Favourite Tree (and why): Silver Birch – very aesthetically pleasing, easy to work with, lovely dappled shade in the summer months

Favourite Acer Moment: Any project when all the team are working together. Particularly staff training / skills update days – we head into the woods and hone our skills, e.g.: rigging techniques / aerial rescues / etc. Terrific!

Based: Malmesbury HQ

Qualifications: NTPC Certificate

Home Town: Sutton Veny

Specialist Skills: Forestry / Charcoal-ing / Log splitting

Favourite Tree (and why): Ash – Such a handsome tree, and very versatile creatively. (And they’re not out-of-the-woods from ‘Ash Dieback’ yet either. Keep your eyes peeled…)

Favourite Acer Moment: Being warmly welcomed back into the company after I left to pursue an unfulfilling carer as a plumber.

Adam Pearson (or usually just: 'P')

Team Leader & Arborist

Lewis Cook

The Carabiner King!

Based: Wherever I’m called!

Home Town: Warminster

Skills & Qualifications: NTPC Certificate

Favourite Tree (and why): Bay Tree – Great to work with, great to cook with!

Favourite Acer Moment: Adam R and I plucked 2 massive cedars with a crane in Lacock, Wilts. Amazing day.

Based: Wherever I’m called!

Home Town: Salisbury

Skills & Qualifications: NTPC Certificate

Favourite Tree (and why): Silver Birch – low knot count and soft under the blade.

Favourite Acer Moment: The day I started of course!

Joe Lawrence

Stihl Commander

Based: Malmesbury HQ

Home Town: ‘The Sham’ – Melksham

Skills & Qualifications: NTPC Certificate / Diploma in Horticulture

Favourite Tree (and why): Pittosporum. …why not!? It’s a nice tree!

Favourite Acer Moment: Getting all the kit and trailers together of a busy morning in the yard – I used to love Bob the Builder when I was a kid!


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